Dec 2016

Qingyuan Service Trip of PolyU Golden Z Club, Qingyuan, Guangdong Province, China

During the Christmas of 2016, as a Year 3 student, I performed the duty of an advisor in Qingyuan Service Trip organized by PolyU Golden Z Club. This service trip was to serve children in a local institution sponsored by a charity based in Hong Kong, teaching them various courses and celebrating the Christmas Eve with children.

Jun 2016

Service Learning Trip to the Dagon University, North Dagon, Yangon, Myanmar

In the summer of 2016, I was selected to a service learning trip to Yangon, Myanmar provided the Computing Department of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Before I arrived Myanmar, I have prepared for this service-learning trip for a semester as a course with my group mates. Then I spent nine days in Yangon, cooperating with partners from Dagon University to give lessons to middle school students and communicating with locals.

May 2015

Volunteering Teaching & Service Trip, in Nayong, Bijie City Guizhou Province, China

I joined a volunteering teaching & service trip in Guizhou Province organized by PolyU Hall Community Services Group and spent more than a week in a middle school. During the service period, I taught issues of realizing dreams with motivative examples and scientific strategies e.g. time management and SMART goal setting principles.

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