Graduate Research Projects

Conference Publications:

  1. MacNeil. S., Ding. Z., Boone. A., Grubbs. A.B., Dow. S. (2020). “The Challenges and Opportunities for Supporting Community-Driven Design: A Case Study of Canvas”. ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW’20), 2020. (Under review)

Undergraduate Research Projects

Journal Articles:

  1. Chang. R., Wang. Q., Ding. Z. (2019). “How is the Energy Performance of Buildings Assessed in Australia? -A Comparison between four Evaluation Systems”. International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research, 8(2), 133-137.
  2. Chang S., Wang, Q., Hu, H., Ding Z., Guo H. (2018). “An NNwC MPPT-Based Energy Supply Solution for Sensor Nodes in Buildings and Its Feasibility Study”. Energies, 12(1), 1-20.

Conference Publications:

  1. Chang. R., Wang. Q., Ding. Z. (2018). “Revolutionizing urban energy planning: A roadmap towards city-level energy modelling in Australia”. International Conference on Construction Project Management and Construction Engineering, Sydney, Dec. 3-6. (Best Paper Award, Runners-Up)
  2. Wang. Q., Zhang. S., Wei D., Ding. Z. (2018). “Additive Manufacturing (AM): A Revolutionized Power for Construction Industrialization”. International Conference on Construction and Real Estate Management, Charleston, Aug. 9-10. (Best Paper Award)

Mentioned on the departmental publications