Bright Building: Additive Manufacturing Construction and Human-Centered Design for Post-Earthquake Resilience

Natural disasters, e.g. earthquakes and floods, cause tremendous economic loss and social impacts worldwide. After disasters happen, the impacted regions could become isolated if the roads and power grids to the region are seriously damaged. How to enable effective urban rehabilitation after natural disasters happen has become a critical issue for governments worldwide. With the merits of high productivity, less demand for labor and high flexibility, 3D printing technology could be an effective approach to post-disaster reconstruction. This project aims to combines 3D printing and human-centered design features to develop a construction prototype for post-disaster urban rehabilitation. This educational building is located in Ya’an, Sichuan province, China, where earthquakes happen frequently. This project demonstrates the potential of 3D printing in helping to tackle the eternal challenges of natural disasters. Read More

SenseMove: Optic Fiber Wearable System for Treatment of Diabetes Foot Ulcer

Diabetes mellitus (DM), is a kind of worldwide chronic disease: it is estimated that 8.3% of the global adult population has diabetes in 2015. More specifically, the percentage in the United States is 9.4%. Diabetes also causes a series of severe complications, including diabetes foot ulcer (DFU). An important component of the therapy for DFU is the effective detection of plantar pressure (the pressure on the foot skin). SenseMove includes Optic Fiber Insole (OFI), motion capture camera, demodulation device, Data Process unit (DPU) and corresponding data analysis software. When users walk in the shoes with OFI the sensors can measure the plantar pressure, and the integration device will transmit the data to DPU. With the installed data analysis software, users’ plantar pressure will be generated. Read More | Video

Happy Save: Budget Management Web Application

Happy Save is developed to help college students be more financially stable by monitoring their food purchases. With this app student will develop into a habit of keeping a budget by being mindful of your food-related finances, a concept that has yet been explored by other apps. You save happy – set a budget, recall items you bought, and be given the secret of better management towards your finances. As a course project, this web app got A+ in UCSD CSE170 Interaction Design. Read More | Video | Try It Now

MIRBIS Customer Relationship Management System

In the summer of 2016, I was worked for the Moscow International Higher Business School (MIRBIS), the oldest and most renowned private Business School in Russia. MIRBIS provides plenty of language learning products and sells them to students all over the world. There are three people in our team and the task of our team was to develop a Customer Relationship Management system for MIRBIS. We finished it in seven weeks and our work was appreciated by our employer. Reference Letter from Employer

Prediction of Forest Fires Based on Meteorological Analysis

Forest fires cause catastrophic effects on human and nature. In 2017, Over $2 billion in spent on fighting forest fires. In 2018, Woolsey Fire burned 39,234 hectares of land. The fire destroyed 1,643 structures and prompted the evacuation of around three hundred thousand people. However, the causes of forest fires are hard to track and analyze. In this project, our team analyzed the data of forest fires in Montesinho Park, a National Park in Portugal. We obtained some interesting insights of anthropic and natural causes of fire. As a result, our team was the runner-up of the whole class with more than 20 teams. Source Code

Stuff Sharing Web-database application

This project is a full stack application I finished in the National University of Singapore. As a Web-database application, Laravel and PostgreSQL were chosen for PHP Web framework and database server respectively. Our team applied Bitnami stack towards running PostgreSQL and phpPgAdmin.