In the two-day designathon, our team did a survey of around 80 students (random picked), about 47% believe that UCSD is “UC Socially Dead”, and about 99% of the students have heard of it at least once. Our team wanted to change this notion and celebrate our cultural and intellectual diversity and simultaneously increase meaningful social interactions.

UC Socially Dynamic is a new initiative to activate the campus spaces around UCSD especially Rupertus Way. Our team plan to activate the Rupertus Way to liven up a previously utilitarian campus, We aim to build a community centered around student participation with a combination of information kiosks highlighting events on campus and locations of-campus accessible by the trolley; interactive art spaces such as a light show, public theatre stage for impromptu poetry slams or karaoke; and nature benches. Our team is one of the 5 winners out of 28 teams with an award of US$1,000.

Interactive Light Show

1. Scan a QR code

2. Search the music you want to play in the music library

3. Confirm

4. The projector will project the light show autogenerated from the music. Put your earphone to listen this music you chose. (You can also listen to the music booked by others)

Rupertus walk at night will be transformed into a customized show for you and your friend or loved one. Synchronized to your music selection, the projectors will shine different hues of light on the pathway. Each note frequency will be translated into a color code that will light up the walkway in concert with the beat, listened to through headphones.