Recently, the implementation of the Internet of Things (IoTs) has received the attention of both academics as well as industrialists. In particular, effective practice supported by electronics and information technology could promote noticeable change in building maintenance, for example, which is known for using traditional methods. This project, which concerns a low-cost water-meter reading device, is based on the highly labour-intensive nature of current water meters.

This project can be classified as a small-scale Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) project. The simple and low-cost wireless device will conduct preliminary image-processing in a microcontroller unit (MCU) and then send the binary stream version of the image to an upper monitor where the data will be collected and analyzed.

This device can fulfill the requirement of low power consumption as well by its using an energy efficient Wi-Fi module and by conducting the image-processing in both the MCU and host servers. This is because the servers can employ high-level computer calculation to reduce both the energy requirement and also the cost of the device at the same time. In this project, designs based on two MCUs, namely STM32F103VET6 and Nuvoton N32905R3DN, are provided, with the one using Nuvoton N32905R3DN being considered to give better performance and selected as the final product.