About Me

My name is Zijian (Jason) Ding, a graduate student in UC San Diego working with Prof. Steven Dow. My research focuses are social computing and collective innovation. I am the recipient of scholarships and grants above US$137,000.

I have two journal articles and two conference publications, with 2 Best Paper Awards, Best GPA Award, Best Final Year Project Award, Dean’s Honors List, etc. Previously I studied in the University of Cambridge, the National University of Singapore, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the University of British Columbia. | Download CV

About My University Experience

Below is an interview of me, named “How to make the most use of your university experience“. It was shot in August 2018 and until Jun 2019 it has 43,500+ views on YouTube. Honestly, every one has regrets and so do I – I never thought I did make the most use of my undergraduate experience. Luckily, I am still in a university now and have the chance to fulfill myself.

About My Projects

For my full project list, please visit Projects.

Bright Building: Additive Manufacturing Construction and Human-Centered Design for Post-Earthquake Resilience

Natural disasters, e.g. earthquakes and floods, cause tremendous economic loss and social impacts worldwide. After disasters happen, the impacted regions could become isolated if the roads and power grids to the region are seriously damaged. How to enable effective urban rehabilitation after natural disasters happen has become a critical issue for governments worldwide. With the merits of high productivity, less demand for labor and high flexibility, 3D printing technology could be an effective approach to post-disaster reconstruction. This project aims to combines 3D printing and human-centered design features to develop a construction prototype for post-disaster urban rehabilitation. This educational building is located in Ya’an, Sichuan province, China, where earthquakes happen frequently. This project demonstrates the potential of 3D printing in helping to tackle the eternal challenges of natural disasters. Read More

SenseMove: Optic Fiber Wearable System for Treatment of Diabetes Foot Ulcer

Diabetes mellitus (DM), is a kind of worldwide chronic disease: it is estimated that 8.3% of the global adult population has diabetes in 2015. More specifically, the percentage in the United States is 9.4%. Diabetes also causes a series of severe complications, including diabetes foot ulcer (DFU). An important component of the therapy for DFU is the effective detection of plantar pressure (the pressure on the foot skin). SenseMove includes Optic Fiber Insole (OFI), motion capture camera, demodulation device, Data Process unit (DPU) and corresponding data analysis software. When users walk in the shoes with OFI the sensors can measure the plantar pressure, and the integration device will transmit the data to DPU. With the installed data analysis software, users’ plantar pressure will be generated. Read More | Video

Design for San Diego (D4SD) 2020

Design for San Diego (D4SD) is an innovation challenge structured around the human-centered design process that seeks to solve complex civic problems. Through the “open civics” approach of discovery, ideation, prototyping and implementing solutions, D4SD seeks to create opportunities for government, academia, and industry to collaboratively innovate on civic solutions, and now D4SD 2020 is prepared by ProtoLab in UCSD. The previous D4SD – D4SD 2017 – was supported by the UC San Diego Design Lab, the City of San Diego, the Port of San Diego, SANDAG, the National Science Foundation, the Design Forward Alliance, and SCALE SD.

Happy Save: Budget Management Web Application

Happy Save is developed to help college students be more financially stable by monitoring their food purchases. With this app student will develop into a habit of keeping a budget by being mindful of your food-related finances, a concept that has yet been explored by other apps. You save happy – set a budget, recall items you bought, and be given the secret of better management towards your finances. As a course project, this web app got A+ in UCSD CSE170 Interaction Design. Read More | Video | Try It Now

UC Socially Dynamic: UCSD Pepper Canyon Mobility Hub Designathon

UC Socially Dynamic is a new initiative to activate the campus spaces around UCSD especially Rupertus Way. Our team plan to activate the Rupertus Way to liven up a previously utilitarian campus, We aim to build a community centered around student participation with a combination of information kiosks highlighting events on campus and locations of-campus accessible by the trolley; interactive art spaces such as a light show, public theatre stage for impromptu poetry slams or karaoke; and nature benches. Our team is one of the 5 winners out of 28 teams with an award of US$1,000. Read More

Clairvoyance: Low-cost Wireless Water-Meter Reading Device

Recently, the implementation of the Internet of Things (IoTs) has received the attention of both academics as well as industrialists. In particular, effective practice supported by electronics and information technology could promote noticeable change in building maintenance, for example, which is known for using traditional methods. This project, which concerns a low-cost water-meter reading device, is based on the highly labour-intensive nature of current water meters. Read More